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Project Vlog: Centurion Devastator Squad 1

Dad type work has kept me very busy.  I was able to finally start my Centurions!!

Here is how the progression of the photos roughly goes :)

1) Black Primer followed by a white primer from the top to create a zenital highlight
2) Minitaire Royal Blood from below, and a little bit sideways to cover hidden spots
3) Minitaire Spellslinger blue from the top and 45 degrees to cover as if lighted from the top
4) Minitaire Werewolf Grey highlight in selected areas and face
5) Minitaire Gloss Coat to help with blue wash/glaze
6) GW Blue Glaze and clean up of too much wash


Necron Flayed Ones Finished

I wanted to paint this guys in a very quick and dirty fashion. To me they should look very worn dirty and even macabre. I painted them in between all my other painting and tried to do it as quick as posible :)

Hope you enjoy how they came out.


Contemptor Dreadnought Blood Angels Furioso

YouTube video here (Aqui).


BoLS 2011 Readers Choice Awards: WINNERS


Gamesday Mini Leaked

Leaked photo from White Dwarf Jan 12, shows gamesday miniature. More information at Warseer.


Foto de la "White Dwarf" Enero 2012, enseña la miniatura de "gamesday". Mas informacion en Warseer.