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Project Vlog: SDE

This my latest SDE mini hero.


How to build and paint Imperial Knights:

Games workshop has publised some really good video on assembling and painting their new model the Imperial Knight. They are pretty simple and are an excellent starting point to work on this amazing models.

I am waiting for mine to arrive soon :)

Imperial Knights painting and assembly 1 (Assembly):


Imperial Knights painting and assembly 2 (Painting the Skeleton):


Imperial Knights painting and assembly 3 (Armour Painting):


Imperial Knights painting and assembly 4 (Transfers):


Project Vlog: P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition 1

I have started preparing for the Gencon 2014 painting competition. I will try to have a model for each of the categories of Privateer Press, and if I have time I will paint a crew for Malifaux for their painting competition. Wish me luck!!

To start off I have been devating on what to bring to which category here is what I have:

Warrior: New Goreshade Rolling Bones (mini arrived yesterday)

Unit: Bane Thralls for Goreshade feat (6 man unit)

Battlegroup: Scaverous with his heavy, and a bonejack (maybe DJ)

Diorama: some tipe of skirmish with explosions

Warjack/Warbeast: Mulg (maybe DJ)

Massive: I have the trolls battle engine without paint, but I dont feel it.... I think Im going to go with Cryx Colossal, but I have to buy it... or maybe get a second Mountain Troll and try to paint it even better than the one I entered into the competition last year. ANy comments on this will be greatly appreciated :)


I will try to make display bases for all, and maybe a display stand for the unit and battlegroup.


At this time I am braintstorming and drawing posibilities.



Latest Battle Report in pictures

Blood Angels (Ultramarine allied) vs Blood Raven (Ultramarines ruleset)

This game was 2000 points and here are pics of how the game started.

The end was a complete wipe of the Blood Ravens by start of turn 4.

Enjoy the pics.


Project SDE: Update 2

I finished painting another hero. I am moving at a steady pace. It is not one per day but is close enough. Here I present to you my finished heroes for SDE. :)