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Project: Imperial Knights update 5

Basing and weathering left. One of them is headed for the gencon competitition so it's going to get more love. I will post better pics when they are finished.


Project: Imperial Knights update 4

Just finished the main painting steps for the second knight.

Next is transfers, weathering, and basing.

I will post pictures after the transfers are installed to show off the difference they make.

Here is a pic' of both titans at the moment.

Ohhh!!! Almost forgot!!! I still have to paint the underside banners :)


Project: Imperial Knights update 3

Finished basic shading on the armor of the first knight, and parts of the second one. The first knight is completely glued and only awaits some details on the legs to start transfers which will be the next to last step which will be basing and weathering. Here are pics of the glued model


Project: Imperial Knights update 2

I started edge highlighting some of the plates, but the main works have been on shadowing the lines. The weathering of the model at the end will help sell the ambience of the model. Here are some pics of the plates I finished and glue unto the model so as to protect the parts from splashing of the paints when working on the other pieces.


Project: Imperial Knights update 1

I'm painting two imperial knights for my blood angels army. They will be painted in the Hawkshroud colors since they were the one most likely to be with them, and their home world is near Baal.