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Back aches

I am having problems with my back, which limits my painting time... pls I needed inspiration...


I finally have the inspiration with th arrival of my Super Dungeon Explore kickstarter.  I want to paint my undead army, and maybe use it to play Age of Sigmar :)


I will post pics of what I have done since the last update which is paint board game pieces :)


Still resting... and starting to paint

I can seat a lot more now. I'm starting to dabble into real miniatures and got pumped up since my Wrath of kings arrived. I will post pics of the unboxing

The little painting I have done was to paint a Link Amiibo to change the color of the clothes.

Here is a little walkthru on how I did it, The first step was to cover the base and crystal stick that helps the figure to stand. I proceeded to spray the amiibo with Dullcote, this way it worked like a primer, letting me paint the areas I wanted, but it left what I did not want to paint visible.

Once the miniature has been painted, and dried it has to be sprayed with Dullcote or gloss to protect the work on the mini. The drying step should be around 1-2 hours average before you seal. The extra drying is to minimize the possibility of frost from the Dullcote. Once you are done, remove the base coer and you will have the figurine the way you want.

I learned the dullcote trick from a youtuber Teri Litorco from Geek and Sudry Vlogs. Here is a ink to her to the video where she repaints an amiibo (subscribe):

I wil post my painted amiiibo in anoher post



I had not posted in a long time, because I am having health problems. Two weeks ago I had a left hip replacement. This means that it will still some time to post, but I will sporadically post something when I feel a little better.

Keep painting!


Freehand techniques article

I wrote an article on freehand at BoLS and in the blog



Gencon 2014 Summary

I won 1st place at Gencon's own big competion. I won at the Machines of War open category. I will take better pics of the model and post them soon enough.

I also participated in a lot of speedpainting competitions this year at Gencon. I qualified for 3 finals, but did not make the top spot in the end. I had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of people. Even more awesome I got to compete with Marike Reimer in the Darksword speedpainting, just that was an honor.

I should be posting my speedpainting miniatures later